All in ATL! Hello we are the Seoul of Atlanta Dance Team!

안녕하세요 Seoul of Atlanta 니다.

We are the performing team of SeoulCristina’s students. On this page you will find performance videos from future competitions and covers, as well as how to donate to our team and how you can audition and perform/work with us!

See our performance videos 

Audition Details

The 2023 Speedy Spring Online/In-Person audition for Seoul of ATL dance team is now open again! Our spring auditions are now open and will stay open until March 15th.

Your video should be filmed horizontally and from far enough to where we can see the talents whole body whilst dancing is occuring. We ask them to send only KPOP DANCES and keep the video under 2 minutes!!


<<CHECK APPLICATION LINK FOR MORE DETAILS. (If you’re a special case just text (912)-504-0405 or email

When will I know results?

You will know the results of your online audition within 1-2 days once the audition period is over, you will get an email going over more details about the following interview round and then in-person audition; once those are complete then comes finalizing your joining of the team. We wish you all luck, happy dancing!