Seoul Cristina KPOP Dance Academy

SeoulCristina’s KPOP Dance Classes will be taking a short break the weekend of September 25th and October 2nd but will be coming back on October 7th to continue regular classes on Sundays at 5 and 6pm.

Despite no classes the SeoulCristina dance team “Seoul of Atlanta” will be very active on youtube and instagram so make sure to check them out!

See you guys on October 7th!!

October’s Jam for 5pm is…


For October we are going to be getting into Blackpink’s new song “Shutdown”. Its one of my favs from their new “Born Pink” album lets keep watching Blackpink shut it down!!

Lets get to dancing!

October’s Jam for 6pm is…


For the 6pm class in September we will get straight into NMIXX’s new song “DICE”! The choreo and song is so good it makes me want to roll some dice, Im “so excited, so excited”!!

Come learn it with me!

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Dance Package Instructions:

When you purchase a dance package, you will need to register for each individual class,  but when registering upon check out select I am a DIAMOND or GOLD KPOP Dancer.  Your package will be verified at the door.